Larry Cagle, Jr. (left) pictured with his father, Larry Cagle, Sr.

Here’s to Your Health

Inspired by his father’s deteriorating heart condition and motivated by a long family history of cardiovascular ailments, Larry Cagle, Jr. searched medical journals and university studies for articles on cardiovascular health. One particular article, “The French Paradox”, suggests that moderate daily consumption of red wine, over a prolonged period of time, reduced the occurrence of heart disease in the French people by up-to forty-percent. The study credited Resveratrol (rez-VER-a-trawl) as the chemical component primarily responsible for the heart healthy benefits of red wine.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant that blocks the effects of unstable molecules that occur naturally in the human body called free radicals. Free radicals are known to cause cell damage and have been linked to heart disease, stroke, signs of aging, and certain types of cancers and macular degeneration of the eye.

One of the highest known concentrations of the Resveratrol molecule is found in the Muscadine grape, known as nature’s healthiest grape. Studies from North Carolina State University indicate that red and white Muscadines are 40 times higher in Resveratrol concentrations than any other grape ever tested. As a result, the father and son team started investing time, energy, and resources into growing Muscadines and developing their own Muscadine wine making process.

Latest studies conducted by accredited universities have indicated that consumption of Resveratrol; 1) can reduce inflammation in joints typically associated with arthritis, 2) can improve overall cardiovascular health, 3) can reduce levels of harmful molecules linked to Alzheimer’s disease, 4) helps to build up the body’s natural immune system and, 5) helps fight certain types of Cancer cells. New Articles on the benefits of Resveratrol consumption are being released weekly in medical journals and university papers. We suggest that you go to a web-site search engine and type in “Resveratrol” + any of the topics mentioned above. You will be astonished at the information available!